Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference, 2016 / What Excites You?

My report from the technical conference.


For my very last blog on #AXTechConf #DynTech2016, let’s have a little fun. Microsoft posted a whiteboard asking us “What most excites you with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX?” I had time between the end of the conference and my flight home, so I checked out the board. It was a lot of fun! I saw some answers I expected, and some I didn’t. Some made me laugh, and some made me shake my head. Enjoy the variety of answers received!

IMG_1279 - Copy


No more EP


New Task Recorder and web interface


The UI. This doesn’t look or feel like an ERP and that’s FANTASTIC.


It looks so sexy.


New AX – Power BI logo?


Dynamics AX7 will be a great development environment for ISVs. With fewer cowboys!


Deploy Prod env in hours!!

IMG_1286 - Copy

Your passion… we are excited.


That MS listens to the customer – keep doing so


Personal workspaces!


The fact that Microsoft is willing and eager to listen to the customers. I was pleased to see they are implementing in standard some things we had to customize previously. Although I am pleased the option to customize will still be there… for the times we need mods sooner. 🙂


Paying for every bit transferred and every CPU cycle. [Who hasn’t left their Azure machine up inadvertently?]


We are making ERP ‘sexy’ 🙂


Moving from P-code to managed code!!


After 20 years working with Sage, it’s refreshing and exciting to see passion again. Masterpiece from Microsoft.

IMG_1293 - Copy

Emphasis on business process and task lists


Mobile POS




This, folks, has been your intrepid reporter, signing off from the technical conference… I will be taking a smidgen of time off from the blog but will be back!


Happy DAXing!


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