MB6-890 Dynamics AX7 (Development) Exam

I was privileged to be asked to consult on developing the technical exam for the next version of AX. They called it MB6-890 Dynamics AX7 Exam. I referred a friend, also, who asked how I got onto their list. I don’t really know – got on the right person’s radar, I guess. At any rate, we have been working towards the next version, and in fact spent last week in Bellevue learning to upgrade. That’s for another blog.


My employer gladly issued a limited release (thank you!) so that I could work on this project. I am honored and flattered to be part of it. I can’t disclose details, of course, but I will say that if you have been paying attention to know that Visual Studio is coming up front and center, and if you have taken any previous development exams, then you know what topics are being considered for this exam.


In short, I saw no ugly surprises, and everything is as expected of a high quality exam like the AX technical exams have been.


EDIT: I did note three questions which I found unclear or misleading, and gave feedback on them.


Happy DAXing!

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4 Responses to MB6-890 Dynamics AX7 (Development) Exam

  1. Palle Agermark says:

    Very cool Janet. We are in goods hands 🙂

    Do you know when the exam will be released, and can you tell us without being sued too much?


  2. janeteblake says:

    You flatter me, Palle, thank you. 🙂

    I do not know the answer to your question. However, my guess based on what I saw is that we are still very early in the process. It could yet be quite a while.


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