Speed up your compiles in AX 2012

Hope those who are at #Conv14 are enjoying it! In the meantime, I’ll post a tip I got from Microsoft at #AXTech2014 for the rest of us. šŸ™‚

Simple tricks to speed up compilation: for pre-CU7

  • Single machine deployment
  • Add memory to the build machine
  • Don’t constrain SQL server memory consumption
  • Install KB2844240
  • Install a machine with a faster CPU
  • Alternatively, solid state drives on the build machine

With these, we can get to 45 minutes for an AOT compile

And then, turbo it:turbo

For CU7 (and later), do the above, plus:

  • Parallel compile: axbuild.exe is a new standalone command line tool to coordinate multiple AOS in the same box to complete a full compilation in parallel

Happy DAXing!

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