Five Good Minutes in Microsoft Dynamics AX – Power Pivot Tricks, AX Reports, and Super Bowl Shuffles

Five PowerPivot Favorites (the “Shuffle”):
1. Create relationships in PP
2. “Related” function in PP
3. Normal Excel “if” function in PP
4. Greatest DAX Formula – “calculate”
5. PowerView bringing it all together!

Chad clarifies the tasks which are required, versus those which are nice to have, and why you’d want to do, or not do them.

In just seconds each, Chad shows us several cool things in PowerPivot, beginning and ending with the fantasy football (American Football) league!

The difference between this vblog and previous ones is that this one doesn’t go near Microsoft Dynamics AX – but Chad as already addressed AX and PP many times and I’m sure will again.

Finally, Chad addresses viewer comments and questions.


Happy DAXing!


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