Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference, 2016 / Day 2 Session 3


My report from the technical conference.


Our third session on the second day, Wednesday February 24, 2016, was a breakout session, called  Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation methodology, with Clay Wesener and Paul Wu, of the SA group.


I hope you can make sufficient sense of my scribbled notes. This was definitely a lot to take in but of course very important. We really need to be comfortable with this. You may have noticed, I’m trying not to infringe on Microsoft’s slide decks, but I think they’re necessary for clarity in this case.


Implementation methodology

There is now a customer LCS project

This is about the tools


Implementation using CRP

  • Smaller iterative approach
  • Easier to spin up
  • Also see implementation lifecycle workshop


LCS based tooling


Business process management is much improved – it can support off-AX things

VSTS – business processes, traceability requirements, change requests, deliverables (FDD/TDD), builds, dev work, bugs, test cases, support tickets

LCS – BPM, usage profiles, upgrade assessments, subscription estimate, deployable packages, user task guides, process data packages, configuration manager, cloud powered support, issue search, monitoring and diagnostics

If you get nothing else from this post, then “get” this chart:


Demo: Deploying an environment (Paul Wu)


Demo: BPM and task guides (Clay)

LCS > Business process libraries

You can edit a recording

You get an APQC library with AX



Usage profiles and subscription estimator

LCS > Subscription estimator


Can monitor a VM, but can’t dynamically adjust it


BPM, process data packages (associates DP with a process in your BPM library), configuration Manager

BPM library

You actually load the data into AX from LCS

LCS > Data management

LCS > asset library: you can put in data packages



DIXF – configuration manager – process data package


We can specify dependencies (sequences). They advise, not enforce.




TR code gets checked into VSTS


Support and operations demo (Clay)



Happy DAXing!


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