Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference

I expect you all have heard by now about the technical conference, coming up fast! I want to note some key points:

  • Focus will be on the new version, informally called AX ‘7’, which is currently scheduled for release soon after the conference.
  • Scope is strictly AX – no CRM like last year.
  • Schedule is out at . Use the schedule builder to maximize your time. I had a devil of a time choosing between the offerings at times! Two speakers I practically worship go on at the same time; I am anguished!
  • Fun to be had, outside of the conference, include the Living Computer Museum (check their hours before heading over there). It is a well-kept secret which should not be.

Before and after training are available.


So, how important is this, you ask? My answer: very. When it looked like my company would not have the budget for me to go, I paid for my own registration, requested vacation days, and booked flights with points. And I’m glad I did, because I’m hearing from colleagues that people, who very much wanted to go, are not getting the opportunity. I realize that not everybody can do this, but if you can, then do! Hope to see you there!



Happy DAXing!

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