Some Dynamics AX help resources

I just found some help resources and wanted to share my list here. Hope it helps you out!

Outside the product:

Microsoft Dynamics AX


MSDN Developer center

Microsoft Dynamics Community



InformationSource – being decommissioned

Dynamics Learning Portal

By phase

Evaluating the product

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Customization phase

MSDN Developer center

Microsoft Dynamics Community

Implementation and rollout



Microsoft Dynamics Community

CustomerSource training

Microsoft learning training



Microsoft Dynamics Communities: Forums, blogs, and videos

Maintenance and support phase


Microsoft Dynamics Community: Forums and blogs

AXSupport blog

Partner sites


Microsoft Partner Network

InformationSource Library – being decommissioned

Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services

How to find content

Bing and other search engines for publicly-available sites (CustomerSource, InformationSource and PartnerSource are not externally searchable)

Web search page: WebSearchAX (scoped search of TechNet, MSDN, Community, and Code samples)

AXSupport blog and Twitter @AXContent

Content strategy post on Inside Dynamics AX blog

Happy DAXing!

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