Adapting to the Changing AX Landscape

This is my tenth year in Axapta/AX and either I didn’t used to pay attention, or the landscape is changing more drastically than ever before.


Economic difficulties, some new and some residual from a decade ago, are forcing companies to redefine themselves and their missions. A quick glance at tells me that just in the past few months, Microsoft has acquired UC Commander, Hitachi has acquired Ignify, UXC Eclipse NZ acquired AX and BI from Koorb, Infosys acquired oil and gas consultant Noah Consulting, and based on rumors, speculation, and the economic indicators, there are more on the horizon.


Microsoft is offering its new version of Dynamics AX in “cloud-only” mode initially. Partners who wish to provide solutions must deliver to and document in Azure.


What’s more, the trend in recent years has been for customers to get much more sophisticated than ever before. Witness the interactions in the forums at AXUG. End users are watching and learning, and taking the reins.


What is one to do? I’ve been asked this by colleagues – of course, as a casualty I might not be your best judge – but I might also have some hindsight.


  • Skill up. My dad’s lifelong lesson to me was “Keep your options open.” Your new skill may be useful at a new position, or it might show the world that you are willing and eager to learn and be flexible as needed.
  • Network. I did not realize until recently just how much of the industry I had covered in my network. LinkedIn is a lifeline here (though not the only one). This is not just useful in job searching (though very much so), but also in gaining a different perspective of the business. p.s. #DynTech2016 is an excellent opportunity here.
  • Be flexible. Try different methodologies. Consider traveling vs commuting vs remote. Play with a new module, or BI, or integration.
  • Contribute. Perhaps you have a suggestion for a question asked on a forum. Or a comment on a blog. You don’t need to start big, just start getting out there.


Have more? I’m sure I’ve missed some. Please comment below!


Happy DAXing!


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