Microsoft Dynamics Technical Conference, 2016 / Day 2 Session 4

My report from the technical conference.


Sorry to say that the fourth session on the second day was a letdown.


I attempted to get into The X++ language with Peter Villadsen but it was full – completely, overflowingly, full. They need to get him into bigger rooms. I gather it is currently available at  but I don’t have Dynamics Learning Portal so I’m out of luck for now.


So then I went to a lab on Applying form patterns with Jason Green. It had a lot of potential, but too many wrinkles to work out. I ended up leaving. But here was the overview of the lab:


Lab: take a 2012 form and apply a pattern

Lab overview –

  • Apply the details master form pattern
    • In Solution Explorer, open a form
    • Right click, set as startup object
    • Press Ctrl-F5 to build/run
    • Open the Patterns Information Panel by clicking the Patterns tab in the form designer
    • Right click Design, point to Apply pattern, then select the pattern (details master)
    • Add missing groups and controls
    • When done, press Ctrl-F5 to build/run
  • Utilize documentation to learn about patterns
    • Help is at the AX Help Wiki at; search for “details master” and open the “Details Master – Form Pattern” article
  • Apply subpatterns to form controls
    • In VS, in the form designer, right click the form, select Addins, and select Form statistics
    • You will see coverage – look for Pattern=Unspecified to be zero
    • Use the VS form search to find all instances of “unspecified” in the form
    • Subpatterns are part of the Selecting a Form Pattern wiki page
    • Right click Comments, select Apply pattern, and select your pattern
    • Repeat until there are no more unspecified
    • Press Ctrl-F5 to run
  • Use patterns-related Visual Studio add-ins
    • In VS, click Dynamics AX, Addins, Run form patterns report
    • You’ll get a notification of where the csv went; open it in Excel
    • Filter it to your model and/or form



Shout-out tonight to Bobby Small – thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to say hello!  Bobby is @daxioms on twitter and



Happy DAXing!


Photo: Washington Park Arboretum Credit: me


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