Passed Exam MB6-890 Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction!

It’s been a very eventful few months, hope that you all are keeping up on the many AX happenings! I have so much to update but in the interest of not appearing ADD I will keep this post to the one topic of the exam.


As you may have read in an earlier blog post, I was asked to consult on the creation of the development exam for the newest version of AX, then called AX ‘7’, now simply “Microsoft Dynamics AX” [though I suspect it will be AX ‘7’ informally for quite a while more]. I was under a NDA and did not disclose much about it.


Now I can say that I simply advised on the topics they were considering. How often they were used and how critical they were to the job. I had no knowledge of any of the actual questions.


The exam was released last month, much earlier than I’d expected, and before I knew it, the holidays were here and it was the new year.


Two things converged to make me decide to sit for the exam. First, it is time for a job change, and certification certainly helps to make one marketable. It shows potential employers that yes, you may have been in the AX space for a decade, but you are still keeping fresh on the latest happenings. Second, what I had seen of the topics they were considering made me optimistic that they would be fair and balanced.


I sat for the exam Tuesday. I chose that day only because it was the last possible day to take the exam and get a free Second Shot. 🙂 I’m so pleased to report that I do not need the second shot.


Judging by the twitter chatter, there are few who have dared this yet. Many have asked me about preparation for the exam. Please view the exam description at Microsoft Learning and note that Self-paced training refers you to the Dynamics Learning Portal. This is the first time that I recall, where training was strictly in video form – no books I could download – I really suffered from that – love my books!


I am happy to report that I feel the DLP prepared me very well for the exam. I feel that anyone who studies the videos will be able to pass the exam. Note: Rob Hensley warns us of an error in the video.


So don’t be shy, give it a shot – certify!


EDIT: I did note three questions which were unclear or misleading, and gave feedback on them in the space available.


Happy DAXing!




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7 Responses to Passed Exam MB6-890 Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction!

  1. Jaffer says:

    I too applied the same exam on coming march. Please refer some useful link or video to study these exam. just share your information and material to read this exam!!


  2. raghavendra damarla says:

    Can you please share us MB6-890 Videos Links

  3. Anders Olofsson says:

    Hi, great work… I will go for the exam after this summer. I have access to the Dynamics Learning Portal, so I will go for the material provided on the site. What experience did you have on AX development before you wrote the exam?

    • janeteblake says:

      Hi Anders, I’ve actually been developing for many years, but don’t let that turn you away. You should have developed, because hands-on experience is important, but if you are able to spend the time between now and then coding various things, you’ll be in good shape. Best of luck!

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