Parm methods in AxBC classes (Is this a bug? Let me know!)

I was cleaning up some BP – so crucial to do! – and I found some standard code which seems to have a bug. Whereas your typical parm method in a table class (AxBC-class) will test for !prmIsDefault, there is one class parm method in R2 and R3 which appears to have forgotten its “not.”

There are two other methods which don’t contain the ! but they look OK. It’s the AxCustInvoiceLine.parmAmountDetails that worries me, in both R2 and R3. Please see screenshots below of the original code, and with my fix.

Feedback is always welcome!

Happy DAXing!



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4 Responses to Parm methods in AxBC classes (Is this a bug? Let me know!)

  1. - says:

    That’s clearly a bug. Good catch.
    It also seems to me that the standard AxBC classes have plenty of BP errors in the standard code. Especially around fields added sinces RTM.

  2. yeah that’s right. without ‘not’ this condition is useless

  3. janeteblake says:

    Thanks for your feedback, gentlemen! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the new way of writing parm methods.

  4. Hi Janet
    This method wasn’t created using the AxGenerateBCClass, I guess, If use this class all the methods will have or will haven’t the ! (not) in prmisdefault. Nobody missed the AmountDetails value yet. LOL

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