AXbuild.exe – faster than ever!

If you thought AXbuild.exe was great in Dynamics AX R2 CU7 – you just wait!

Everyone cheered in CU7 when axbuild.exe came out. My own organization experienced drop in AOT compile time at a typical client from 7 or 8 hours to 1 hour. It didn’t take much to gain traction with us, or with the AX community at large!

What surprised me is how much it’s been improved in R3. It has not been advertised that I can see ( BUT we stood up a virtual machine and got a 14 minute 41 second compile!

14 minute compile

The machine is nothing special – 2.2 GHz, 24GB of RAM, 4 virtual processors, SQL Server on a different machine. And, to make it even more exciting, it had custom code on it! An entire module that we wrote, not in the least stripped down!

Machine specs

So hop over to an R3 machine and check out what they’ve done to it!

Happy DAXing!


EDIT: Adding more specs and timings as requested, for


AX Version Processor Hard drive Compile X++ (hh:mm:ss) Compile CIL (hh:mm:ss) Sync (hh:mm:ss) Overall (hh:mm:ss) Intel Xeon CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz ? 126GB 00:14:41 00:13:26 00:06:39 00:34:46

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  1. caleb kiran says:

    In my company i am facing performance issue, we are using AX 2012 r2, it is very slow, can I have your email id or skype id, I need your help, we have 50gb ram and we have active users 30+ but very bad performance, I request you help on this or give us some inputs,
    My skype id is ncalebkiran my email id is

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