Five Good Minutes – Grids, Reports, Thanksgiving Favorites

In the US it is time to be thankful for all we have, and I am thankful for so many things. Thank you for reading my blog and accompanying me on my AX journey!

Chad has released his latest Five Good Minutes in Microsoft Dynamics AX video blog. It’s centered on favorites (how to add and organize favorites) and viewer feedback.

Amazingly enough (to me) I am in my eighth year of AX. And I still benefit from stepping back and taking a fresh look. I would not have watched a video on AX favorites if it was not done by my co-worker – but I ended up learning things I didn’t know. So do invest just a few minutes and make this video blog a regular part of your repertoire – I promise it will take less time than your RSS feeds! 🙂

So, sit back for a few minutes and enjoy Chad’s latest efforts!


Happy DAXing!

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