Five Good Minutes: “The scariest thing I could think of”

naileditIn honor of Halloween, Chad dressed as “the scariest thing I could think of – an MCA tech lead.”

I have to admit, “he nailed it” – 2 out of 3 for me.

Chad’s latest video speaks a lot to planning… take one commonly used datasource, set it up for BI, and presto, you can create as many as thirty or so reports from it. Of course, Chad illustrates this for us – with customer invoices.

You need to watch this video sitting down; the number of possibilities presented here are staggering. To quote Chad, “If you create a strong datasource, your reporting possibilities are endless.”


For those who must know, the one out of three which is not me, is the sunglasses. My clients typically don’t let me out into the sunshine long enough to need them. 😀

Happy DAXing!

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