Possible bug in DIEF – Opening balances – fixed assets

Back on June 12 of this year, I reported (to MSbugreporter and on this blog here) a bug in the data import export framework. Microsoft was very responsive and published a KB on June 18. (I’m flattered that the KB quotes me liberally 🙂 )

I found another potential bug. I haven’t the time at the moment to track down every detail, so I’m only calling it a potential bug. This one is in the Opening balances entity – when you import a Fixed asset type. The DMFLedgerBalanceEntityClass, which generates a record in LedgerJournalTrans, has a method to generate a corresponding record in LedgerJournalTrans_Asset. However, as far as I can tell, it does not populate the AssetId. So I threw in some code to fill it, and the functional person tells me it works (where it didn’t before).

The symptoms, BTW, were very subtle – go to the journal, line, fixed asset, and the transaction type was incorrect – it was the default type of Acquisition – because there was no _asset record.

Caveat emptor! It worked for me! It may or may not work for you!

Happy DAXing!

And on a personal note… Happy Birthday to my late dad, who inspired and encouraged me.


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