Data Import/Export Framework – AX 2012

I recently had the opportunity to introduce the “inside team” at my client to the new Data Import/Export Framework (released on InformationSource), and we were all very pleased with the results.


The class consisted of a Project Manager, production consultant, and technical lead. I spent Tuesday morning instructing them, then told them to go try it. They divvied up the work and long before end of day Wednesday, they had successfully migrated customers, vendors, and items!


We added custom fields to existing entities. We learned lots of troubleshooting. One of us created a custom entity, but someone forgot to teach the PM to compile his code. 😉


We are very, very hopeful for the possibilities of this tool! Can’t wait to start doing header/detail (read: transactional) data, and adding setup tables.


Happy DAXing!

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Dynamics AX developer
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