2012 Lessons learned

Sitting at the airport, waiting for a late incoming plane, thought I would put these together.


2012 professional lessons learned


–          Life is fluid; flexibility is key

–          Software release = new bugs (we already knew that, but this year emphasized that, did it not?)

–          There are some really cool tools out there (for example, just a start, https://informationsource.dynamics.com/RFPServicesOnline/RfpServicesOnline.aspx )

–          The business is tailored to the go-getter (unlike other softwares out there)

–          If you’re smart, you’ll learn from others’ mistakes (example http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9235213/Avanade_sued_over_alleged_ERP_project_failure )

–          RF is a headache even with MS support (same reference)

–          True geeks love sharing their knowledge (evidence the number of quality blogs out there)

–          OTOH, people will wh_re themselves over a Dynamics AX 2012 book (you’ll have to find that yourself)

–          “Purchase order stack trace error” – them’s fighting words!


Happy DAXing!

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