Form colors in Dynamics AX 2012

A client wanted form color to reflect the environment (AOS) they were in. It’s changed a bit in 2012. I found a post online but had to tweak it to work for me. Here is the code.

Sorry for the layout; still getting the hang of this blogging thing.

Class SysSetupFormRun method init

public void init()
SysSQLSystemInfo systemInfo = SysSQLSystemInfo::construct(); // mca jeb 05Nov2012
str databaseName; // mca jeb 05Nov2012


if (this.isWorkflowEnabled())
workflowControls = SysWorkflowFormControls::construct(this);

// mca jeb 05Nov2012 begin;
databaseName = systemInfo.getloginDatabase();
switch (databaseName)
case “DAX2012_DEV”:, 176, 255));//mauve
case “DAX2012_CRP”:,255,153));//canary
case “DAX2012_TEST”:,251,152));//pale green
case “DAX2012_PREPROD”:,99,71));//tomato
info(strFmt(“Database %1 does not have a color”, databaseName));
// mca jeb 05Nov2012 end

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