Stack trace in runPrintMgmt line 15

Seems my blog on the PSAPWPTxt error is getting more hits to my blog than all the others combined. Here’s a similar error I just encountered.

I hear it was a bug introduced in CU3. Like we didn’t have enough PO printing errors.

When the users tried to confirm/print a purchase order in CU3, they got “Error executing code: Wrong type in field number. Stack Trace (C)\Classes\PSAPurchaseOrderController\runPrintMgmt – line 15 ….”

The fix is to change
if (this.parmArgs().record().TableId == tableNum(PurchTable))

if (this.parmArgs().dataset() == tableNum(PurchTable))

Like such

This is an error with both the PSA and non-PSA versions.

If I find the blog where I found this fix, I’ll add the link.

Hope this helps!

Happy DAXing!

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