Error “The ‘PSAPwpTxt’ parameter is missing a value” – solved

My client had originally had Project III turned on, and ran some reports, including Purchase Order.

Then the PSA stuff caused lots of problems (workflow approval, that kind of thing) and the functional folks voted unanimously to turn the Project III key off.

Well, Print Management saved the “preference” for the PSA version of the Purchase Order, and it won’t run anymore, because it’s looking for PSA parameters it’ll never get. The specific error manifested itself as “The ‘PSAPwpTxt’ parameter is missing a value”:

So I *deleted* that report from PrintMgmtReportFormat table, and it had no “original” print management settings to go to, so then correctly decided it should run PurchPurchaseOrder.

static void fixPsaPwpTxtError(Args _args)

{   // mca jeb 19Jul2012

PrintMgmtReportFormat printmgmtreportformat;


delete_from printmgmtreportformat

where printmgmtreportformat.documentType == PrintMgmtDocumentType::PurchaseOrderRequisition;




(You might need to run this by company.)

MS support was not so helpful. They wanted me to either turn Project III back on, or get rid of the Project Accounting and Management module.

Happy DAXing!


UPDATE 20Jul2012: I should mention that we had already installed KB2628173 but it didn’t fix it, probably because Project III was turned off.

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One Response to Error “The ‘PSAPwpTxt’ parameter is missing a value” – solved

  1. Michael says:

    Thank you janet.. Saved me a lot of time researching this.

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